Most people are unfamiliar with Radon Mitigation and really aren’t sure how to choose a reliable radon mitigation contractor.

Below are some important things to look for when selecting a radon gas mitigation professional.

  1. Make sure your contractor is currently licensed by the State of Illinois.
  2. Is your contractor certified and do they maintain ongoing training?
  3. Is your contractor fully insured?
  4. Do they conduct an onsite inspection of your property prior to pricing the project? (This prevents surprises after you sign an agreement)
  5. Experience matters – how long has the contractor been in business?
  6. Consider online ratings and testimonials and/or ask for references.
  7. Call their office – are they responsive and knowledgeable?
  8. Ask about the quality of equipment and materials used.
  9. What warranties are offered for both material and labor?
  10. What commitment do they make should something go wrong after installation?


Like any other industry, there are good radon contractors and some not so good. When you entrust your home and the health of your family to a company you should be confident in the quality of work they perform. Don’t let price drive your decision.  As they say… “you get what you pay for “, and that’s true for radon mitigation services as well.

We have seen excellent radon mitigation system installations and some that shock us. We are often called in to correct and/or repair work that others have done incorrectly or installations utilizing inferior products that perform poorly, fail often and need replacement within months.

While a good contractor may cost a bit more, it could prevent frustration, delays, dissatisfaction, and ongoing issues with the system.

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