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We work closely with owners, operators, and homeowner associations to quickly and cost effectively reduce radon levels for multi-family dwellings.

For rental property owners in the State of Illinois, a new law went into effect January of 2012, (Public Act 97-0021), requiring  owner/operators to share radon test results in writing with prospective tenants prior to executing a lease.

If you currently don’t have a radon testing and management program in place, we can help!

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Do You Need Professional Radon Mitigation Services?

We are Illinois State licensed Radon Mitigation Professionals.  Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment of your property.  We will design a cost effective radon mitigation plan designed to minimize your risk by reducing radon to EPA approved levels fast!  Call us today for a FREE assessment.

Other News For Rental Property Owners

HUD recently introduced changes to their mortgage lending requirements for rental properties.  A supplement to the environmental review requirements of Chapter 9 of the Multifamily Accelerated Processing (MAP), now requires a radon assessment verification.  We can assist you with this process as well.

You can read more about this requirement here

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