Recently a homeowner in Naperville, Illinois contacted us regarding high radon gas levels detected in their home. The EPA suggests a safe level of radon gas at or under 4.5 Pico curies – in this instance, the radon tests indicated levels over 500 times higher than what would be considered safe.

The home was well cared for, beautifully decorated and spotless.  It was impossible for the homeowner to know that an invisible killer was lurking below. This is why we push for regular radon testing.  Radon is not something you will see, smell, or taste in the air.

Radon Gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking.  This property presented a significant health risk to all occupants. For smokers or occupants suffering with allergies or autoimmune disease, high levels of radon gas can dramatically increase health risks.

Professional Radon Systems deployed a comprehensive radon reduction plan, installed an effect radon mitigation system that quickly reduced radon gas, achieving safe levels within 24 hours.

If you are a Naperville homeowner and haven’t yet tested your home for radon, we strongly encourage you to do so!  To learn more about radon gas, visit our website at www.proradon.com